Friday, 28 February 2014

Third Weigh-in

This morning it was time to do the third 'official' weigh-in. The scale showed only 0.5kgs weight loss, i.e., 84kgs, just as I feared. I have feeled bloated this week, maybe because I ate lot of salty snacks last week when we had that stomach flu. At least the bloating started to relief at the end of the week when I ate more vegetables and drunk more water. Well, that was too late I guess. The scale is teasing me, because the 83.5kgs already blinks there but then it stays to 84kgs. Well, next time I do it better, as everything goes as planned this time and if no more flus come to way.

The Five Handfuls a Day learning also is proceeding. Here is a photo of my yesterday's lunch. If I ate like this in the next two week's the numbers of the scale would pleasure me more next time.

I walked almost 5 kilometres yesterday, in addition to the aerobic session I did in the morning. And today I did the muscle training, as a last session for the week 6, and I took dumbbells to make few drills harder, wow. And again I used my new technique to try my best, and again I'm feeling happy that I could do such a hard exercise again.



Thursday, 27 February 2014

The New Motivator

I have had lack of motivation to do my best in the latest training sessions. The virtual personal trainer, Alex just can't cheer for me enough to do my best. "Keep it going" doesn't help for long when I feel I'm dying. I just let it up too easily. On the other hand, I'm always surprised when the session is over how fast it ended. And then I regret that I didn't try it harder. The sessions last only 20-30 minutes, so I can't die in such a short time, can I?

This morning, I could do it harder than ever when I just thought that this is only lasting 20 more minutes and then I can rest. I did my best again in few of the drills, thanks for this new way of thinking. There is two aerobic sessions in my program per week. This one is much harder than the other one I do. I don't know, if the harder drills are randomly selected into the other session or is it for a reason that other session is lighter. Anyway, I'm so glad, that I motivated myself to do this harder aerobic training with a very high tempo. Wow. Feel good.

Today, I have to walk with the pram to health center. It is the junior's 4 months appointment. Then I walk to pick up the girls and then in the evening it is time for baby swimming for the second time. So more aerobic training still coming up. I'm a bit afraid of tomorrow's weigh-in, but hopefully this last minute aerobic training day helps. Let's see..

Girls are going to have their winter holiday for a week now and it has been raining and suddenly we have lack of snow. Weird winter weather this year!  it is not possible to ski as traditionally in winter holiday, so I should figure out some other activities. Our yard is so wet that one could have a swimming competition there. Maybe we try that, hah!



Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I'm Dreaming of a Long Running..

..just like the ones I used to go, lalala... I'm here dreaming about running again. And for me the only way to keep up regular jogging is to set goals to achieve. Today I'm telling you my running plans and dreams for the year:

When I turned 30, I wanted the guests to participate in my passion and run. In invitation I challenged all the people to run ten kilometres or more specially quarter marathon. Same day I had birthday, there was a running event near us, where it is possible to run quarter, half or whole marathons. It is a good choice to try running in an event if one haven't done it before because the same route is run 1, 2 or four times depending the selected distance, and when running only a tour you don't have to be last one in the finish line. Seven of the guests participated in the running and lot more friends were cheering for us.

I failed myself then because of the hot weather that caused me stomach problems and I had to walk over half of the route. Blessing in disguise was that I wasn't running in the middle of Helsinki with my bad stomach but in the middle of the forests in village neighbourhood. And as I have run few years and experienced lot of runners "pleasures", I had also toilet paper in the pocket, as always! Thank God! Well, at the end I was happy to survive to the finish line by walking and photo of me was in local news paper when friends where singing me in the final and the whole audience sang along.

I usually feel weak when it's too hot and I don't like e.g. sunbathing at all. That's why I have preferred to run in the spring time. This year the spring is coming too soon to repair myself to a running event. That's why I'd like to go in some half marathon in autumn when it is already a bit colder. But before that, some lighter distance is nice to try in some event and I have decided to defy the weather of July (and my stomach) and try again the same route I failed two summers ago. Maybe I get some of my friends to join me too. 

So quarter marathon in July and half-marathon in September is gonna be my running goals for the year. I still spend couple of weeks training only with Nike+ Kinect Training and then I'll take my sneakers out again..!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sticky Tuesday

Why it is so hard to start to do something, and soon realise that you can't live without doing it. I just keep avoiding the fruits. And I know that if I really concentrate on it for a few days it becomes easier. Yesterday I ate a handful of blueberries, that's it. Today no handfuls, yet. Soon we have only lights in the fridge left, and fruits. At least that helps me to choose fruits.

I guess the Stomach flu we had for two weeks ate my energy to think anything extra. Even if I wasn't very bad shape myself, the nights we stayed awake with the kids, and all the extra laundry and my husband's weakness took my energy. I guess I'm still recovering because during the training of this morning my body felt tired of the weekend's sessions. Still, I try to keep going because I know it becomes easier again. Sun will shine after the cloudy days..

Now I take an orange! See you!


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Summary of the Week Five

I just came to tell you the summary of the week five. Quite hard week spent inside but luckily it is over now and life continues..


Life has returned to normal again! Hopefully we stay healthy now for a long time. We were outdoors today, went to my parents to coffee and pancakes, I cooked some rice and chicken that I only need to warm up tomorrow with the kids and before evening routines I got my 30 minutes for training session.


No any progress in Five Handfuls a Day thinking. I have been eating what has felt good this week. Today I ate with normal appetite and it also affected on the training. I didn't feel as tired as yesterday. I promise to think more fruits, berries and vegetables next week.


Training itself felt fun again today. Yesterday I felt less powerful and I was afraid that lack of motivation is coming but today training felt totally different and I sense that I have enough energy to continue. First aerobic session of the new program that I did included mostly the drills I had done before, but it was differently mixed so I didn't mind. Fun anyway. All together only two trainings done this week.

My baby girls fell asleep so it is time for shower now..



Saturday, 22 February 2014

Back to Business

Today I did the first training since last Sunday. At least before the training I felt that all the muscles are now well recovered from the first four weeks exercises. Girls are not completely healthy yet but we went outdoors to snow removal for half an hour just to get fresh air. It was first prober time outside since Monday.  It is so hard to be inside when there is pretty winter weather waiting outside and it felt so good to do something again outside that I ventured to try a real training session also in the living room later.

Training itself didn't feel very good yet. I didn't feel enough energetic to do my best but I'm happy that I broke the ice after the week break and even tried. Drills were mostly the same as in last program but there were some small changes, e.g., 1 and 1/2 lunges were only half lunges and so on. Maybe I carefully try some aerobic training tomorrow to make the trainings twice this week. But now I head to the sauna to do stretching.



Friday, 21 February 2014

Illness Continues

This week the son turned 4 months of age and yesterday it was time to start his first hobby, baby swimming. The first time we just tried to get comfortable in big pool, learned few ways to hold baby in the water and after ten minutes it was over. First time babies spend only half of the 20 minutes lesson in pool, that they don't get too tired and start to cry. Obviously, our baby enjoyed swimming. He smiled and looked curiously around, and crying wasn't near in any point. So after first trial it seems that swimming becomes common hobby for baby and mum for now. I need to survive as a only adult in the pool because there is no swimming groups for baby with two siblings. Thus, daddy takes care of the girls while we swim.

Otherwise, I feel that I have been quit lazy this week. I have only taken care of the sick daughter and this morning the older daughter got sick too. Why can't we have the stomach flu at the same time!? I would like to start the normal activities already. I don't know if I can start the home training week even today. So frustrating!

Enjoy the weekend my readers! I'll continue to keep up this sickbay..



Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Old Blog New Name

Now, I changed the name of the blog because the old name didn't describe very well what is going on here. I'm still training with the Nike+ Kinect Training mostly but later the blog will tell also about my running project, and yesterday's posting already slipped to the diet side of the project.

Trainings won't go very well this week. I'm feeling to become sick, daughter threw up in daycare this morning and grandpa picked her home. So the stomach flu is still the issue in this family. Maybe it is better to rest and skip the day's training. I have been too hardworking with the snow removals and stuff that now I feel that all the energy is disappeared somewhere. Hopefully, I don't feel this weak very long.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Five Handfuls a Day

I haven't yet started to worry about my diet to lose weight, but now on I will. As I wrote already earlier, I don't believe in any miracle diets or training that would help in couple of weeks. People who try to have miracle in few weeks usually end up eating as before after the diet and get back all the lost weight. Instead, I believe in projects that target to change the whole lifestyle little by little. And my project is one of those. As a first step I have now learned to do hard trainings again. I miss the training if I spend couple of days without and I have started to feel that exercising is now part of my everyday life. I think that now I have strength to take the second step and this step is called Five Handfuls a Day.

I will tell you history of this step first. I believe that when healthy foods and water full the stomach you don't as easily snip unhealthy snacks. I have also always been poor of eating fruits. For these reasons, as a new years promise of 2012, I decided to learn eating vegetables and fruits five handfuls a day. That I did also with small steps, starting with the one handful. Basically this meant that I tried to remember to eat a fruit which I had brought to office. Then little by little I brought more fruits to work, ate vegetables or salad during the lunch, and at some point of the year I realized, I had learned to eat healthy snacks, and it helped me to keep away from chocolate bars or other bad choices. This was actually easy part.

The rest of the handfuls, I needed to eat at home, were difficult. At home there is also the other old choices to make. It is hard to choose to eat bread at work if you have taken carrots or apples with you in the morning. But it is so much easier to eat for example bread or yogurt at home if you have eaten it throughout the life as a snack and it is offered next to you all the time. I really needed to focus on this home part but little by little fruits and vegetables however became part of my every day life in 2011 and New year 2012 I made a promise to keep up my healthy five handfuls a day habit. I still had difficulties to remember the healthy choices during the weekends and holidays and I wanted to concentrate on those problematic periods. Somehow during the holidays I easily got back to old habits, ate delicacies, and forgot totally the green things. That year, 2012, was better and healthier than ever.

In the beginning of 2013, I get pregnant. During the pregnancy, five handfuls a day worked well, but then my maternity leave started and I stayed home, and slowly I ended up eating as before. So obviously, this five handfuls a day project still needs active thinking and now when I have lack of sleep and time, due to our baby, I haven't got resources to think it and keep it up. But during the coming weeks this will change and I promise to open the vegetable and fruit locker of our fridge more often.

The next four weeks as a second step of the project, I will focus on learning the habit of Five Handfuls a Day again!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Some Training and Blueberry Pie

I didn't know that I should reset the training program in Nike+ Kinect Training to continue with another four weeks program, so I had to do the fitness test again today as a beginning of the new program. That's why I didn't yet started new training sessions but tried 15 minutes weight training session after the test. I think I got over 30 minutes training all together.

The fitness test gave me the fitness score of 39 and athleticism score of 27 this time. I felt still tired after the Fridays test so I think that a bit worse result was very realistic to have this time. Weight training was nice variation to the usual. There were only couple of movements where weights were needed but as a nice surprise I was able to do three men's push-ups which I couldn't do at all when the project started. These small improvements are so motivating and keep the training spirit up.

I have been so hardworking this week by removing all the snow and taking care of the kids while husband has mainly rested during and after the stomach flu that I baked a blueberry pie and made vanilla sauce with it. Pie with the coffee was also reward to my husband as he won the bet we had. Yum yum! I have also eaten candy and snacks during the weekend as a prize of a hard work done lately. Now I'm full of energy to face the new challenges this project requires in the coming weeks.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Creating The Next Training Program

After the fitness test it was time to create a new training program again for the next four weeks, so I had to think a little that should I continue as before or change something.

First I was thinking to create only three days training program for the next four weeks period. Children will have one week winter holiday soon, so I don't have so much time for workout. Then I realized that after this session I have planned to start running again so after this program I'll do more other activities in addition to Nike+ Kinect Training, and have to decrease the amount of home training. So, let's keep the four days now before the coming spring force me to do outside activities.

I kept the training days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Program allows to do the exercise also afterwards or beforehand and it edits the program during the way, so if I have motivation or time to do the sessions other way than consecutive days, I'll do it then. Then I had to again choose what is my goal. The options are:
  • Get Strong, which purpose is to increase power and explosiveness
  • Get Toned, which purpose is to develop lean muscle and muscle definition
  • Get Lean, which purpose is to maximize fat burn and calorie consumption
I'll still continue the Get Toned program because it mixes the aerobic and muscle training nicely. And I still get aerobic training to burn fat also outside with the kids and snow removal activities, so it is nice to concentrate on muscles when doing the home training.

I think I have been quit happy with the program I have had so far and basically I didn't plan to change anything at the end. I'm exited to see, how different the sessions will be when the program takes my new fitness test result into account.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Tra La La La!!

Someone is here celebrating the fitness test outcome Yappa Dappa Doo!! Four weeks hard training culminated today in fitness test I made with Nike+ Kinect Training. The earlier result was shockingly poor. Fitness test gave fitness score of 20, only, and athleticism score of 26. More of the feelings of the previous test was written here.

I have to say that I lost the bet I made with husband. I have to go to bakery or start baking soon. The result of the fitness score was even better than 30, which was his guess. MY FITNESS SCORE IS 40 AND ATHLETICISM SCORE IS 28!!  Unbelievable! I'm sooo in good mood right now! I have just smiled the whole evening.

This time I wrote down also the more detailed results of the tests. Both scores includes three different parts. Fitness score consists of endurance, flexibility and strength and athleticism score consists of balance, power and speed/reaction/agility. My result for these parts were:
Endurance 42 (earlier 01)
Flexibility 55 (earlier 27)
Strength 21 (earlier 09)
Balance 36 (earlier 58)
Power 24 (earlier 01)
Speed/Reaction/Agility 37 (earlier 12)
There might be typos, 'cause I wrote scores down so quickly..

Hopefully you all follow me also with the next four weeks! Good night!

Result of The Weigh-in

This morning the scale showed me the result 84.5kgs, which means -2.5kgs all together in four weeks, and -1kgs in the last two weeks. I have been able to lose the weight in planned schedule, and with only adding exercises, which makes me very happy. Btw, If someone is wondering the round numbers, they are caused by my scale which has 0.5kgs accuracy. This is also a reason why I don't like to check the weight very often, because only over 500 gram changes can be noticed.

And I have earned the first milestone gift now!!! So next week I'm going to local underwear store to select new sport bra. Even if I feel that this project just started and I don't need yet any extra motivator, I'm going to do it as planned. Then I'll have something to remind me of this good progress if lack of motivation overtakes me suddenly.

Now I will head to do snow removal and outdoor activities with the kids and afternoon, when husband returns from the school, I will do the fitness test. So I'll return with the result of fitness score later..!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Small Changes in Plans

After the posting yesterday, my husband came home in the middle of the school day. He had fever and pain in the stomach. So obviously there is some flu in the family that has maybe kept me tired as well. Anyway, the rest of the day I needed to survive alone with the kids and the household and needed to say goodbye to the plan to make exercises beforehand. Luckily I haven't get the flu yet and because I have felt sick I tried the training today. Kids were this time watching again, or the baby was overtired and cried and youngest daughter hit the big sister and cried also in naughty chair. So not very idyllic family time this time.

It was hard to concentrate on the exercising but I tried my best. Hopefully I stay healthy and can do better workout tomorrow. It would be the last one before weigh-in and fitness test of Friday. And it would be awful to get sick just now, when I have got so good start to the project this far.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

That Man Is Jumping So Much Faster

Yesterday, I did my 14th training of 16 of this training program. Because I decided to do it ahead of time, my kids were at home watching me. If I exercise, they have started to get chairs to the door of the living room and they sit there the whole session with reading the books and cheering me on.

Or my five years old daughter said before comments like "That man there in TV (my personal trainer) jumps so much faster than you mom!" or something else as encouraging, but lately she has been more positive and cheers me doing the movements faster. It is nice that they want to watch and they don't try to rude the session by running there front of the TV all the time. But just in case, I haven't yet tried this without my husband also being home and playing with them if needed. So actually there were also Husband and Son watching me time to time. Quit a big audience!

The training itself was hard. I tasted blood, when running there in living room and trying to do my best in front of the whole family. Somehow, my body is so tired because of the lack of sleep and it has get worse and worse all the time making also the training sessions harder and harder to do. It's same kind of feeling when a flu is coming. I guess training sessions are a bit too hard for the tired body. Anyway, last night I slept well for a long time, and now I'm feeling soreness as usual after the training day, but body doesn't feel that stuffy anymore. And again I feel I cannot wait the final two trainings to beat the records of more and more drills.

And it's only three nights to the next weigh-in and fitness test. Soon I'm counting hours..

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Towards Soon Coming Fitness Test

Third week is finished and fourth week started with the couple of days resting, as usual. Girls were overnight in grandparents' so I have really relaxed now and let my body to recover from the hard training week. My body has been feeling completely sore this week because of this hard program but my mind is still happy that I'm training hard again.

Even if, I'm a bit tired, I started my fourth training week already, and planned to do all other sessions also a day beforehand, because I want to do the fitness test on Friday, and have a rest before that. Otherwise I would have sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before the fitness test, and I think it would affect to the outcome because I have been so tired of the three consecutive exercises every week.

Today also some long stretching session would be nice to try. I found a few links to stretching poses here and here (and also a good Finnish stretching tutorial here) and going to print them to the wall to remind me about stretching and poses that should at least do every now and then. Does any of my readers have other good tips where to find good (preferably printable) stretching instructions?

I'm so exited about soon coming fitness test and I just can't wait to see how much the results have improved. These three weeks have gone much quicker than I thought and even if the body feels sore, I'm so proud of the progress I have made. I can do so much more repetitions and I can now repeat more and more movements every time that I couldn't do at all couple of weeks ago. And it will be very interesting to see that is it only me feeling the improvement or can it be seen in the outcome of the fitness test.

My husband bet my fitness score to be 30 (now it's 20). And I hope it's 24. Husband has been following my training sometimes from the living room door and he thought that my technique to do drills is now so much better that it improves the result. I don't know. Nice that he can see the progress and I'm so happy that even if he is busy with his studies, he has encouraged me with this project. We bet the result now, and let's see on Friday who guessed it closer. The loser offers bun and coffee to the winner and actually I hope I have to pay because it would be very nice to get result of 30...

Friday, 7 February 2014

Dream Dream Dream

I was talking with my husband about the gift I'm going to get or buy when I take this project to the end successfully. I have been thinking that I have to fit into my wedding dress at the end so it would be very nice to have new photos of me on that dress as a memory of this trip. And to take good photos I need to have make up and hairdo so at least those could be nice to have. And not to waste the good look it would be nice to go out and have dinner in nice dress. My husband agreed my ideas and proposed that maybe we should have some hotel weekend also to spend really good time. Can't disagree. Good ideas. I have dreamed to go to the same hotel suite where we spent wedding night since we left there after the wedding day. Maybe we could this time really go there if we don't get more exotic ideas.

At least the dreaming is now kicked off. It is almost as exiting as after we decided the wedding day about 10 years ago. Well actually not even close, but same way I can now start to think what kind of hairdo and make up I want this time. Dress I have already. And because I have been too lazy to sold it further, I can still use it at the end of this project before selling. And I should also start to dream what I wear after the wedding dress photos, where to go overnight and so on. Dream dream dream. Soon I will have lot of motivators to keep up the training program.

While waiting the successful end I need a new sport bra. Also my legs are in bad shape because I have had at most over 30 extra kilos on them so I want to the proper leg care. At least I don't want any sores or other leg problems come to my way during the project. Also some massage could be nice gift to my muscles at some point of this journey, and so on. Lot of ideas come and go when I think what would keep me motivated also during this trip. And because I should create a list of these ideas before forgetting so here it comes right away:

  • New bra, after 2kgs Weight loss
  • Leg care, after 4kgs
  • New outdoor wear for the spring, after 6kgs
  • Full body massage, after 8kgs
  • ...
  • Something nice for my birthday in July, after 12kgs
  • ...
  • Hairdo, make up,  new dress, photos in wedding dress, hotel night, good time with husband, and so on, after -24,5kgs

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Working out in Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas would be jealous if they see me jumping here in my pyjamas and doing the third training session of the week. My pyjamas fit very well with my old sneakers I have on when training. I admit, this is something I have wanted to try since the program started, head straight from the bed to exercise, and now I did it. Wide legs of the pyjama trousers seems to be the only problem because the kinect sensor has difficulties to recognise the body if not fitting clothes are on. So maybe I prefer my running tights or a tight long underwear now on.

The best thing of training at home is actually just the thing that you don't have to think how you look. In gym I always feel like I should be wearing some trendy fitness clothes from the season. But at home it doesn't matter even if I wear underwear that have seen the best days. At this point of the project it doesn't make sense to spend euros in the expensive work out clothes because the body gets smaller all the time and new clothes would be big anyway after few weeks.

Well , there is one thing you never can spend enough money for, the proper sport underwear. Especially good bra is important when running and jumping, even if training at home. Now I have only one proper well tailored bra so as a first motivation gift to myself, I'm going to shop new sport underwear, if and WHEN 2kgs weight loss is done in time.

I have also dreamed about other motivating presents but more about that later. Now I head for stretching and other duties.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Second Action of Third Week

I just finished aerobic training session of the day. I took a little morning nap before starting so it felt better than the Sunday training after bad slept night. I got extra challenge from the boy sleeping outside in pram. He was crying in sleep so I needed to put jacket on and go couple of times outside to calm him in the middle of exercise.

The aerobic session repeats the same movements twice as I mentioned earlier and after the session it proposed a third round. So not need to do the whole training again but only a half so I decided to try it. It didn't feel as bad as the extra round I did in the first muscle training. That was so hard then that I haven't dare to try any extra drills until today. Now I'm feeling so good that I'm again one session closer to the goals and have energy to train some extra and do it well.

One bad thing about this program is that it forgets totally the stretching and I totally forget to do it by myself. Cool down part of the program includes only couple of movements and those are usually so called active stretching, which are hard to do with tired body. So I absolutely should concentrate on stretching more after the sessions by myself to keep muscles ready to train harder. Now I'm again sitting here and writing even if I should be on the floor continuing the cool down part of my own..

Monday, 3 February 2014

Swimming, Training, Sledding and Some Snow Removing in Between

The weekend went fast with lot of activities and yesterday's training session didn't feel like it was done after resting. Well, I realised it was already my tenth training if the fitness test in the beginning is counted. And I feel like I just started.

On Saturday we went to the swimming path near us with daughters. Baby was in grandmother's. While enjoying the playing in water I get 10 minutes of my own time to try swimming. It's been a while since I have last swum, at least two years but it wasn't as hard as I thought it could be after a long break. Maybe it's something you learn once and never forget. I swam about 200 metres and actually as fast as two men in the same track. But when I raised from the pool I felt a few muscles in back and stomach I didn't remember to exist.

On Sunday, I spent time outside with kids and did some snow removal before the training inside. Dad was studying again. I have also slept poorly a couple of nights because of the baby so I didn't feel very energetic and well rested before the exercise. My personal trainer made me to do again 15 repetitions as last week it was only 12 at most of the movements. At least this made me to do my personal best in many drills because I did more repetitions and I have already learned how to make them well. After the training I felt very energetic. I warmed up the sauna with the baby while girls were in swimming hall again with dad. Baby is so kind that he looks around always in baby sitter in warm bath room while I can have a sauna and do some stretching there in peace.

Today our weekend continues. At least I feel so because girls are home on Mondays before they start their week in daycare. We already went to sledding with neighbour's daughters and planned to go outside again to play together in the afternoon. And someone should again push the snow away because it has been snowing since yesterday..