Nike+ Kinect Training

Nike+ Kinect Training is not going to be introduced in detail in my blog. Plenty of introductions, reviews and critic can be found by Googling if interested. This blog is all about my training with that program and with other activities. Anyway, I could list a few links where I gathered info about the program before I planned to buy it.

Homepage, Support and User Experience

At first, let's start with the home page of Nike+ Kinect Training in Also the support page in is quite comprehensive for start. Then all kind of user experience can be found here.


Then a few reviews listed:

..and couple of good game reviews in Finnish:

And of course and in addition, some critics (in finnish) can be found for example here:


And at last couple of videos. First the official trailer of Nike+ Kinect Training follows here:

.. and a demo where my personal trainer, Alex, appears:


  1. Hi Sportterfly. I'm enjoying reading your blog and particularly your Nike Kinect results. Keep up the good work! I also write a little about this on my site and wonder if it's ok to post a link to my Nike Kinect Training Review here? Thanks, Steve

    1. Thank you for your positive comment! Hopefully you keep up following me in future even if I have decreased the amount of Nike+ Kinect Training due to running. I'm going to follow also here in my blog how my running pace proceed now that I'm doing also muscle training. Earlier I have just run and have been lazy to do any muscles but now it is very interesting to try it when I have found such a effective way to do muscle training with Nike+ Kinect Training.

      And thanks for the link to very good review! It is okay to publish it here.

    2. Yes I'll still follow I'm also interested to see results. I do a little bit of running too and I found that my pace improved having done muscle or weights training. I've moved on from Nike+ and did my first round of Insanity earlier this year and my running has since improved. Good luck!

    3. I'll follow you now as well! Good Luck for you too!