Monday, 14 April 2014

Fitness Test & Home Training & Running

Today I did the fitness test to restart training program. I don't know how can I avoid doing the fitness test twice without losing the achievement of just ended training program. Does any of my followers know? I have to first finalise the program and then reset it and then do the fitness test another time as a start of the new program. This is the only problem that I hate about in Nike+ Kinect Training at the moment. 

Last time I tried to straighten and I just restarted the new training program after all the training sessions but the game didn't register at all of my second training program to my achievements. I have now solved the problem that I replace the first training session of the program with the fitness test and 15 minutes quick start training but I cannot receive very good result of the test if I have just couple of days ago done my best in the test and muscles are still sore of that.

Today I got fitness score of 49 and athleticism score of 37. Then I did the 15 minutes aerobic session. I planned to run also today because tomorrow morning I'm going to visit a friend. I ran very slowly but heart rate was up because of all the effort I used in home training. Anyway, it was a good recovery exercise after the home training. My average HR was 140 this time and maximum HR was 162 this time.

The next training I'll do in Thursday and then it's time to run also. I should remember to stretch a bit before that. I have also collected my tips that I use to keep the speed low in running and blog posting about that is coming soon. Now it is time for shower and stretching.

See you!



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