Thursday, 3 April 2014

Saying Goodbye to Maternity Clothes?

Today I took box from the storage where is all my regular clothes. I have still used maternity clothes because I have thought that no any normal clothes fits to me yet. But today I planned to try them on and decided that if I have any trousers I can wear, I will sell all my maternity trousers away. This is already traditional clothes fitting day I have had on all of my three maternity leaves and it is very good motivator to lose weight because if I don't have many clothes that I can wear, I have to lose weight quickly to get more clothes to my wardrobe.

It is nice that when all the regular clothes has been in the storage about a year now they feel like new ones. There is always lot of clothes in the box that I don't remember that I have. Now I made three heaps where I shared not-yet, soon and fitting clothes. The major of the clothes had to put to not-yet heap but I found one pair of black trousers and few shirts I can already wear. And then I found few trousers I bought to office after previous maternity leave when I wasn't yet lost all my pregnancy kilos. They didn't fit yet but I could put them to soon heap. Then I found trousers and T-shirt that I have bought after the first half-marathon from Helsinki. And I didn't venture to try them on because they looked so small that I would only have broken them.

There is one pair of white trousers I don't ever want to throw away. I wore them in that summer when we got married and I wore my wedding dress where I have decided to fit at the end of this project. They felt a bit uncomfortable then but after one or two kilos they would have been perfect. Now I took them to my wardrobe that I can try them on every now and then. I'm sure they will fit me when (not if) this project succeed. Maybe I add some photos of me in my target clothes here in my blog as well on the way. With this 30 kilograms yo-yo-weight I have had due to the pregnancies I need a lot of space into my storage. There is always those regular, not-yet and soon clothes and then there is maternity clothes in between. Now I'm so happy that I don't want to get pregnant anymore and now I really can but all the too big clothes away, forever!

Btw, It's a bit strange to exercise only two days this week. Luckily I can go to the baby swimming today to have at least a bit activity.


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