Thursday, 23 October 2014

Autumn Vacation and Diet Plans

Our girls are having their autumn vacation this week and it's so hard to follow my diet now when the house is full of yelling and arguing kids. Actually I'm eating as before but I forget half of the snacks and then I get mad because I'm over hungry. In addition we had birthday parties last weekend and the fridge was full of cakes and delicacies which were left from the parties. 

I have now exercised already twice this week and last weekend's running I also did on Monday. And my mum looked after all of the three kids then and we ran together with my husband. I think we went running together last time about two kids ago. It was nice to notice that we actually ran together and my husband could ran next to me when the speed wasn't too low anymore.

I haven't breastfed anymore for about two weeks now and I could really speed up my diet now. I have planned to stop eating all the candy and delicacies until Christmas and try to tighten my diet still. My finnish readers have heard about GoJuttaGo diet and that is what I'm going to follow now till the end of the project. Because I'm eating already lots of vegetables and protein, for me it basically mean that I still check the fat I get to the lower level. And instead of milk protein and meat I'd like to modify the diet a little bit with more soya and vegetables.

I guess the conclusion of my writing is that I'm still able to reach my goal to fit into my wedding dress before Christmas..



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