Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Proper Exercising

Wow, I have exercised properly again and it feels so good. On Sunday I went for a 90 minutes run. I ran over 8 kilometres and I forgot the heart rate checking and changed speed with the feeling and music I had with me after a long period of silent exercising. Running was nice after a longer pause and my leg muscles were sore on Monday due to the speedy route I did.

And yesterday I made aerobic session of my Nike+ Kinect Training program and it was harder than I recalled. I have done only muscle trainings since I started to prepare myself for the September's half marathon. My three year old daughter exercised with me in her ballerina suite. I think I should try the ballerina suite too because it seemed so much easier to do Burpees and mountain climbing in it. She is going to gymnastics weekly and has been thrilled of the home training since she started. Yesterday she was doing the exercise after her own gymnastics glass and today she has been quite tired due to double exercise she did.

I myself was able to do two drills of Burpees properly and my star jump obviously looks like star jump 'cause the personal trainer didn't have to remind me to jump higher this time at all! Maybe I have got stronger muscles since I did star jumps last time even if the cardio workout itself was hard.

All the time I have had outside the training sessions I've been preparing of the double birthday we have soon. It's nice that the kids have birthdays in the same week. Mum is tired.


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