Monday, 27 October 2014

Bicycle Ergometer Test

Today it was time to try bicycle ergometer test for the first time of my life. I have always had very high maximum heart rate and have always been a bit worried that do I run my basic exercises with right heart rates. Couple of weeks ago I saw advertisement of the test on Facebook page of the gym nearhood where the equipment was hired and I decided to use the opportunity to try it.

At first I had to fill in  the initial information sheet and convince that I'm in good condition to do the test. Then my heart pressure was measured and then I get permission to jump on the bicycle. The test lasts for 10 to 20 minutes depending how good shape you are. First I warmed up couple of minutes and when it was time to start the test my heart rate was already over 130. The resistance was added every 2 minutes and the heart rate was measured all the time. It was weird that it didn't feel that bad as I thought before because it was only my legs that did the work. So even if I ended the test with maximum heart rate of 199 it didn't feel as bad as burned or mountain climbing I do with my whole body during the home training sessions.

In the end I got detailed information about my condition and heart rate levels. My VO2max value is 34 which is average condition level of the ladies of my age. I got advice to do my basic exercises with 129-149 heart rate. This far I have run with 120-140, or preferably under 130 so even if my basic condition is still bad, I could, at least in theory, add my tempo a bit. And my exercises could contain intervals where my heart rate is between 159-179.

I recommend the ergometer tests to anyone who is concerned of the own heart rate and wants to know own personal heart rate levels. Hopefully, I have change to try the test again sometimes next year to check my progress especially with the low heart rates.



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