Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Silence, Chocolate, Exercising and Surviving

I've been lazy to update the blog lately. I just feel that there is nothing new going on in the project.

I'd love to have candy, and chocolate, and chips, and... And this feeling has been lasting now a week now. I think it's because I've been tired and on the other hand I haven't done very many hard exercises after the half marathon, which makes me to want candy. Still, I've been walking and running but only with the kids.

But I'm going to be again more active now on. I did fitness test today to create new training program (and could do 20 one leg squats with both sides!!!) and planned to do exercises with Nike+ Kinect Training twice a week and then 90 minutes running once a week. I forget the heart rate monitor and all the plans now until I begin to prepare for the challenges of next summer. But I've got good running condition during this year so now I want to keep it up that I don't have to start again from the beginning then. Other exercising I try to do with the kids.

I was alone last weekend with the three kids and I'm so happy how greatly we survived. Husband was visiting a friend. I don't even remember when we have been separated two nights with my husband, if hunting isn't counted. But usually I get help from my mum if husband is going for hunting but this time I tried to come along by myself. We spent lot of times outdoors and crafted some invitations to soon coming birthday party, which will also challenge my project with all the sweets and cakes.



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