Wednesday, 29 January 2014

More Movements and Girls Evening Out

I read someone's post about Nike+ Kinect Training before I started this project and it criticised that the program becomes boring because it repeats the same drills every week. Thus I have expected to spend my time with the same movements during my four weeks program.

Yesterday's aerobic training anyway seemed different than week before. Last week it basically repeated the same movements I did in muscle training but with higher tempo. This time it mixed leg muscle movements in the same drill and added also more movements. Maybe because I have learned to do the easier ones well. This was nice surprise and suits for me. Today I should try is the second muscle training for this week changed somehow.

And not to make this project too serious I spend the evening out with my friends on Monday and tried new local coffee. I ate burger with fries that was made of organic and local products. Very good. Let's see what the scale likes that meal on Friday.

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