Friday, 31 January 2014

First Weigh-in

The third training week started this morning with the first weigh-in. The scale showed very motivating number even if I have eaten as before during these first two weeks of the project. The goal has been to get used in to regular training at first. Also the breastfeeding takes energy so every now and then I feel I'm eating like a horse. Time to concentrate on diet comes later.

Anyway, 1,5kgs weigh loss in two weeks is now the result. Even if the breastfeeding should burn calories the weight was stucked to the same number for over month already. So even if the diet is not yet under control, I guess my metabolism has increased with exercising and weight gets lower again.

Now I start the third week of the project again with two days resting before the next exercises. So maybe it's time for couple of days silence here in my blog also.

PS. I added the milestones tab where the project is easier to follow.

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