Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sportterfly's Backround

I'm Finnish mum with three kids, 5 and 2 years daughters and 3 months old son. I'm spending this year at home on maternity leave and going to concentrate mostly to my kids, family and exercising. On the other hand, supporting husband with his studies, all the activities small kids are figuring out, breastfeeding and all other business are keeping me so busy at the moment that it is very hard to find time for training.

Before the kids I exercised a lot. Had a lot of time to do different things. I participated fitness boxing sessions, had few years personal trainer to make me training program at gym, I becycled everywhere, about 3000km per year, I swam, participated swimming technique courses every now and then, and so on. I can't even remember all just now.

When me and my husband planned to have kids, it didn't happen very easily. At some point I started to feel that I need some other project to think. Then I get thrilled of jogging. I planned to run my first half-marathon half a year later. My very good friend also thought to try running and we decided to do it together. I only trained for one month or two and get pregnant. Same day I did the pregnancy test, my friend called from shop where she was just trying on new sneakers. I didn't want to tell about pregnancy yet so it was a bit hard to concentrate on the phone call. Later that spring I was cheering on my friend with my baby belly when she run in Helsinki her first half-marathon and in audience get even more thrilled to the jogging. I decided, that next year I'm there in Helsinki also running, not only watching.

Even if, I have lost all my sports related hobbies with the kids I had found something new! I didn't run ever before but after the first kid arrived, I have run three half marathons. I run the first half-marathon in Helsinki just 6 months after the first birth (year later than my friend, as planned in audience). The next one I run year later just before my second pregnancy an the third one about year later than the second baby was born. So during the past six years I have been 3 times pregnant and run three half marathons, not bad?

Practise by low heart rate jogging is good way to burn fat and get rid of the weight got during the pregnancies. As I mentioned in my first post, I have got 30kgs with every pregnancy, but have been in the old shape when participating to halfmaraton run, so 6months and 14months after the first and second delivery respectively. Jogging also helps to ease stress. It is hard to worry when all effort is needed to run slow enough. Halfmaraton training is mostly done very slowly so with this hectic stage of life you really need to slow down your tempo when running. And as well as training at home, running can be started straightly when you get out of the door and don't need to waste time in trips needed to get gym.

My third pregnancy was so hard that I don't think it's very reasonable to start half-marathon training right away. At first I need to get more power, muscles and lose weight. That's why I planned to start to go to gym before I found this Nike+ Kinect Training. Even if I have got 30kgs also before, I'm otherwise much worse shape than after the first pregnancy. Then I went swimming still couple of days before the delivery date. This third time with my hurting back and huge belly I couldn't do anything. And woman can get to very bad shape without doing anything for a half year. So, maybe later this spring, I start jogging, when I get better shape with Nike+ Kinect Training excersises at first.

The Nike+ Kinect Training made me Get Toned program for four weeks now. Burning fat is more my goal but I get aerobic exercise also with pram and activities with the kids. I thought that Get Toned mixes me nicely aerobic exercise with muscle movements. I'm planning to exercise four times a week and in between do all kind of other activities with and without the kids. My goal is to get into good condition step by step and return to old weight during the year 2014 and fit into old wedding dress 15. 1. 2014.

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