Sunday, 19 January 2014

My First Exercise

I was about to introduce myself better soon but didn't have enough time to make it today. That will come soon, I promise. Anyway, now I have half an hour my own time so I came to update how my first real training session was.

I was already sweating after the warming up but all the times I get depressed during the session I motivated myself by thinking that this must be easier after few weeks. The muscle training was topic of the day. Movements were hard and it was hard to do part of the movements correctly. So I had to do extra repetitions to get all of needed done. Mostly 15 repetitions were required to get one part done. I was very tired and got depressed but cooling down part was nearer all the time. I was celebrating the last sweating movements but then I did a terrible mistake..

Because of bad Finnish translation of the options in the game I selected wrong one and ended up to do some bonus training. The whole series of all the muscle training started again and I didn't know how to skip it. Well all that helped was to do some extra training but naturally had to skip and rest every now and then. At least I got very hurting legs. They were already hurting because of the fitness test I did in friday. When I was repeated all the movements and were front of the options again thinking how to get to Cool down I realized that other 'are you ready' option meant am I ready with the training and not to the bonus track. Bingo! Then there were only a few cooling down movements. I would have enjoyed more. But still with my stupid selection I ended the training about an hour of the start so I did about half an hour extra today. I'm a bit worried do I have strength to do the next sessions well because muscles hurt nicely today. And I don't believe it get easier soon. Well, let's see :-)

I feel anyway wonderful after the first training :-)

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