Saturday, 18 January 2014

Starting of My First Blog Ever

I think I'm not the first one starting with the words 'I have always wanted to write my own blog..' Anyway, for about year now I have been thinking different topics I could write about. Now when I have less time than ever, three small kids keeping me busy, the inspiration to start with writing about losing weight came suddenly. Hopefully the energy to write doesn't disappear as fast.

During the latest pregnancy I got to very bad shape because I couldn't exercise for a while with terrible back problems. After the delivery I have been thinking good ways to lose weight and get back to the condition I was before the kids. Naturally I don't have lot of time so when I was almost on my way to the nearest gym to have personal trainer and own training program but suddenly had this idea instead. Because we already have XBOX 360 in our living room, why wouldn't I try some fitness game with that.

After doing a bit work with Google I get inspired with Nike+ Kinect Training. Why I got most interested in that was the possibility to do fitness test to follow up the progress of exercising. Also the 'personal training' sound good for me. I could decide how many days I want to exercise, which is my goal and the game designs me the program to achieve my goals.

A morning this week, I watched TV and they were talking about the first Wear your own wedding dress day in Finland. I realised I wouldn't be able to participate this weird event, even if I wanted. It is 22kgs since I've been to that dress last time. I have got over 30kgs with all my pregnancies, but with the first and second time I got rid of the kilos easily. This time it seems that I really need to work to get rid of the weight. Over ten kilos I lost without thinking of it but now the scale has shown the same numbers at least for a month now and while watching that morning show I really decided that next year I will fit to my wedding dress to try it on once again. (Don't be afraid, I wan'twear it publicly :-) ) As a nice coincidence, the mailman brought me the Nike+ Kinect Training at the same day.

Yesterday, I tried the game for the first time while the two oldest were at grandparent's and youngest one spending time in babysitter watching mum's weird movements. I couldn't remember how legs can start to hurt while exercising properly. I just couldn't finish all parts of the test and realised very well that I have lost my stomach and leg muscles completely. At the end I got fittness score of 20 (of 100) and athleticism score of 26 (of 100). The average score of ladies my age are 36 and 24, respectively. So at least the fittness score shocked me even if I know I'm not in good shape. Same time I felt that I have to start immediately to better the results. Less than two years ago I was in shape to run halfmaratons and now I couldn't finninsh running three 30 seconds spurts.

The game made me Get Toned program for four weeks now. I'm planning to exercise four times a week and in the middle do all kind of other activities with and without the kids. My goal is really get into good condition and old weight during the year 2014 and fit into old wedding dress 15th January 2015.

Even if I felt despered with my bad condition, I felt very energetic for the first time for long time. I couldn't remember it feels so good after the proper exercise. I couldn't stop using the game, and still can't wait to start my next training session, so I tried one 5 minutes training session before quiting. I was full of energy and new ideas the rest of the evening and started to plan creating of my own blog of this exercising process: My own getting into shape blog!

So here it is. Welcome to follow my first blog! All comments are very welcome either in Finnish or in english!

Goal: 49 weeks I have left in 2014 I will lose half kilos per week. That makes my goal 24,5kgs weight lost at the end of this year and first milestone 2 kgs after four weeks training.

How to make it: With Nike+ Kinect Training at first and later in the spring also with my old hobby, jogging.

If I fit To my wedding dress 15. 1. 2015 I Should promise something nice to myself :-) I should start to think some motivation gifts to the end and as the milestones are successful.

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