Thursday, 23 January 2014

Third and Fourth Sessions

Wow! My first week with Nike+ Kinect Training is now behind and I'm more and more thrilled of exercising every day! I feel I want to exercise more but now should keep my body away from the XBOX for couple of days and let my leg muscles rest. Next time I'll train on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the other businesses.

With the third and fourth exercise I felt that program starts to be routine for me partly. Same movements are repeated so it is faster to do drills because I don't have to watch the guidance for every movement.

Tomorrow, I'm Also half way to the next weigh-in, which I'm going to do every second week. I already feel lighter, I really can feel my muscles, and even if I haven't yet concentrated to change my diet I feel that I'm eager to eat healthier food than before exercising. I have also drunk much more water than before.

I don't believe in diets or training that do miracles in two weeks. Instead I prefer small steps to learn new life style. Thus, I'm not going to change the eating habits before the training really feels a routine I can't skip.

Meanwhile I'm resting my body, I'll try to finalise the blog post about myself which I've been working with the whole week.

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