Friday, 24 January 2014

Skating, Red Cheeks and Hot Chocolate

Today it was time to spend time with kids and let daddy do some school work at home. It was first nice winter day after long freezing period so we spent hours outside and went walking with pram and kicksledge with us. Baby also loved the warmer weather and he slept almost five hours in pram while I spent time with the daughters in winter activities.

Early evening we went to the ice skating rink with the whole family. I spent the second time on ice skates after the high school sport lessons. First time was last year when the oldest kid was learning skating. Today it was younger daughter's turn to be on skates for the first time. She already learned to move on ice without falling down continuously. We brought home with us five happy minds, five red noses and ten red cheeks. After dinner the hot chocolate was well deserved dessert. And kids really didn't have to wait sleep in the evening.

Nice active day behind. The pain in the muscles get easier and I almost count hours to the next real training session.

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