Monday, 3 February 2014

Swimming, Training, Sledding and Some Snow Removing in Between

The weekend went fast with lot of activities and yesterday's training session didn't feel like it was done after resting. Well, I realised it was already my tenth training if the fitness test in the beginning is counted. And I feel like I just started.

On Saturday we went to the swimming path near us with daughters. Baby was in grandmother's. While enjoying the playing in water I get 10 minutes of my own time to try swimming. It's been a while since I have last swum, at least two years but it wasn't as hard as I thought it could be after a long break. Maybe it's something you learn once and never forget. I swam about 200 metres and actually as fast as two men in the same track. But when I raised from the pool I felt a few muscles in back and stomach I didn't remember to exist.

On Sunday, I spent time outside with kids and did some snow removal before the training inside. Dad was studying again. I have also slept poorly a couple of nights because of the baby so I didn't feel very energetic and well rested before the exercise. My personal trainer made me to do again 15 repetitions as last week it was only 12 at most of the movements. At least this made me to do my personal best in many drills because I did more repetitions and I have already learned how to make them well. After the training I felt very energetic. I warmed up the sauna with the baby while girls were in swimming hall again with dad. Baby is so kind that he looks around always in baby sitter in warm bath room while I can have a sauna and do some stretching there in peace.

Today our weekend continues. At least I feel so because girls are home on Mondays before they start their week in daycare. We already went to sledding with neighbour's daughters and planned to go outside again to play together in the afternoon. And someone should again push the snow away because it has been snowing since yesterday..

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