Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I'm Dreaming of a Long Running..

..just like the ones I used to go, lalala... I'm here dreaming about running again. And for me the only way to keep up regular jogging is to set goals to achieve. Today I'm telling you my running plans and dreams for the year:

When I turned 30, I wanted the guests to participate in my passion and run. In invitation I challenged all the people to run ten kilometres or more specially quarter marathon. Same day I had birthday, there was a running event near us, where it is possible to run quarter, half or whole marathons. It is a good choice to try running in an event if one haven't done it before because the same route is run 1, 2 or four times depending the selected distance, and when running only a tour you don't have to be last one in the finish line. Seven of the guests participated in the running and lot more friends were cheering for us.

I failed myself then because of the hot weather that caused me stomach problems and I had to walk over half of the route. Blessing in disguise was that I wasn't running in the middle of Helsinki with my bad stomach but in the middle of the forests in village neighbourhood. And as I have run few years and experienced lot of runners "pleasures", I had also toilet paper in the pocket, as always! Thank God! Well, at the end I was happy to survive to the finish line by walking and photo of me was in local news paper when friends where singing me in the final and the whole audience sang along.

I usually feel weak when it's too hot and I don't like e.g. sunbathing at all. That's why I have preferred to run in the spring time. This year the spring is coming too soon to repair myself to a running event. That's why I'd like to go in some half marathon in autumn when it is already a bit colder. But before that, some lighter distance is nice to try in some event and I have decided to defy the weather of July (and my stomach) and try again the same route I failed two summers ago. Maybe I get some of my friends to join me too. 

So quarter marathon in July and half-marathon in September is gonna be my running goals for the year. I still spend couple of weeks training only with Nike+ Kinect Training and then I'll take my sneakers out again..!

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