Saturday, 8 February 2014

Towards Soon Coming Fitness Test

Third week is finished and fourth week started with the couple of days resting, as usual. Girls were overnight in grandparents' so I have really relaxed now and let my body to recover from the hard training week. My body has been feeling completely sore this week because of this hard program but my mind is still happy that I'm training hard again.

Even if, I'm a bit tired, I started my fourth training week already, and planned to do all other sessions also a day beforehand, because I want to do the fitness test on Friday, and have a rest before that. Otherwise I would have sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before the fitness test, and I think it would affect to the outcome because I have been so tired of the three consecutive exercises every week.

Today also some long stretching session would be nice to try. I found a few links to stretching poses here and here (and also a good Finnish stretching tutorial here) and going to print them to the wall to remind me about stretching and poses that should at least do every now and then. Does any of my readers have other good tips where to find good (preferably printable) stretching instructions?

I'm so exited about soon coming fitness test and I just can't wait to see how much the results have improved. These three weeks have gone much quicker than I thought and even if the body feels sore, I'm so proud of the progress I have made. I can do so much more repetitions and I can now repeat more and more movements every time that I couldn't do at all couple of weeks ago. And it will be very interesting to see that is it only me feeling the improvement or can it be seen in the outcome of the fitness test.

My husband bet my fitness score to be 30 (now it's 20). And I hope it's 24. Husband has been following my training sometimes from the living room door and he thought that my technique to do drills is now so much better that it improves the result. I don't know. Nice that he can see the progress and I'm so happy that even if he is busy with his studies, he has encouraged me with this project. We bet the result now, and let's see on Friday who guessed it closer. The loser offers bun and coffee to the winner and actually I hope I have to pay because it would be very nice to get result of 30...

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