Saturday, 15 February 2014

Creating The Next Training Program

After the fitness test it was time to create a new training program again for the next four weeks, so I had to think a little that should I continue as before or change something.

First I was thinking to create only three days training program for the next four weeks period. Children will have one week winter holiday soon, so I don't have so much time for workout. Then I realized that after this session I have planned to start running again so after this program I'll do more other activities in addition to Nike+ Kinect Training, and have to decrease the amount of home training. So, let's keep the four days now before the coming spring force me to do outside activities.

I kept the training days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Program allows to do the exercise also afterwards or beforehand and it edits the program during the way, so if I have motivation or time to do the sessions other way than consecutive days, I'll do it then. Then I had to again choose what is my goal. The options are:
  • Get Strong, which purpose is to increase power and explosiveness
  • Get Toned, which purpose is to develop lean muscle and muscle definition
  • Get Lean, which purpose is to maximize fat burn and calorie consumption
I'll still continue the Get Toned program because it mixes the aerobic and muscle training nicely. And I still get aerobic training to burn fat also outside with the kids and snow removal activities, so it is nice to concentrate on muscles when doing the home training.

I think I have been quit happy with the program I have had so far and basically I didn't plan to change anything at the end. I'm exited to see, how different the sessions will be when the program takes my new fitness test result into account.

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