Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Second Action of Third Week

I just finished aerobic training session of the day. I took a little morning nap before starting so it felt better than the Sunday training after bad slept night. I got extra challenge from the boy sleeping outside in pram. He was crying in sleep so I needed to put jacket on and go couple of times outside to calm him in the middle of exercise.

The aerobic session repeats the same movements twice as I mentioned earlier and after the session it proposed a third round. So not need to do the whole training again but only a half so I decided to try it. It didn't feel as bad as the extra round I did in the first muscle training. That was so hard then that I haven't dare to try any extra drills until today. Now I'm feeling so good that I'm again one session closer to the goals and have energy to train some extra and do it well.

One bad thing about this program is that it forgets totally the stretching and I totally forget to do it by myself. Cool down part of the program includes only couple of movements and those are usually so called active stretching, which are hard to do with tired body. So I absolutely should concentrate on stretching more after the sessions by myself to keep muscles ready to train harder. Now I'm again sitting here and writing even if I should be on the floor continuing the cool down part of my own..

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