Thursday, 27 February 2014

The New Motivator

I have had lack of motivation to do my best in the latest training sessions. The virtual personal trainer, Alex just can't cheer for me enough to do my best. "Keep it going" doesn't help for long when I feel I'm dying. I just let it up too easily. On the other hand, I'm always surprised when the session is over how fast it ended. And then I regret that I didn't try it harder. The sessions last only 20-30 minutes, so I can't die in such a short time, can I?

This morning, I could do it harder than ever when I just thought that this is only lasting 20 more minutes and then I can rest. I did my best again in few of the drills, thanks for this new way of thinking. There is two aerobic sessions in my program per week. This one is much harder than the other one I do. I don't know, if the harder drills are randomly selected into the other session or is it for a reason that other session is lighter. Anyway, I'm so glad, that I motivated myself to do this harder aerobic training with a very high tempo. Wow. Feel good.

Today, I have to walk with the pram to health center. It is the junior's 4 months appointment. Then I walk to pick up the girls and then in the evening it is time for baby swimming for the second time. So more aerobic training still coming up. I'm a bit afraid of tomorrow's weigh-in, but hopefully this last minute aerobic training day helps. Let's see..

Girls are going to have their winter holiday for a week now and it has been raining and suddenly we have lack of snow. Weird winter weather this year!  it is not possible to ski as traditionally in winter holiday, so I should figure out some other activities. Our yard is so wet that one could have a swimming competition there. Maybe we try that, hah!



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