Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Working out in Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas would be jealous if they see me jumping here in my pyjamas and doing the third training session of the week. My pyjamas fit very well with my old sneakers I have on when training. I admit, this is something I have wanted to try since the program started, head straight from the bed to exercise, and now I did it. Wide legs of the pyjama trousers seems to be the only problem because the kinect sensor has difficulties to recognise the body if not fitting clothes are on. So maybe I prefer my running tights or a tight long underwear now on.

The best thing of training at home is actually just the thing that you don't have to think how you look. In gym I always feel like I should be wearing some trendy fitness clothes from the season. But at home it doesn't matter even if I wear underwear that have seen the best days. At this point of the project it doesn't make sense to spend euros in the expensive work out clothes because the body gets smaller all the time and new clothes would be big anyway after few weeks.

Well , there is one thing you never can spend enough money for, the proper sport underwear. Especially good bra is important when running and jumping, even if training at home. Now I have only one proper well tailored bra so as a first motivation gift to myself, I'm going to shop new sport underwear, if and WHEN 2kgs weight loss is done in time.

I have also dreamed about other motivating presents but more about that later. Now I head for stretching and other duties.

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