Friday, 14 February 2014

Tra La La La!!

Someone is here celebrating the fitness test outcome Yappa Dappa Doo!! Four weeks hard training culminated today in fitness test I made with Nike+ Kinect Training. The earlier result was shockingly poor. Fitness test gave fitness score of 20, only, and athleticism score of 26. More of the feelings of the previous test was written here.

I have to say that I lost the bet I made with husband. I have to go to bakery or start baking soon. The result of the fitness score was even better than 30, which was his guess. MY FITNESS SCORE IS 40 AND ATHLETICISM SCORE IS 28!!  Unbelievable! I'm sooo in good mood right now! I have just smiled the whole evening.

This time I wrote down also the more detailed results of the tests. Both scores includes three different parts. Fitness score consists of endurance, flexibility and strength and athleticism score consists of balance, power and speed/reaction/agility. My result for these parts were:
Endurance 42 (earlier 01)
Flexibility 55 (earlier 27)
Strength 21 (earlier 09)
Balance 36 (earlier 58)
Power 24 (earlier 01)
Speed/Reaction/Agility 37 (earlier 12)
There might be typos, 'cause I wrote scores down so quickly..

Hopefully you all follow me also with the next four weeks! Good night!

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