Friday, 7 February 2014

Dream Dream Dream

I was talking with my husband about the gift I'm going to get or buy when I take this project to the end successfully. I have been thinking that I have to fit into my wedding dress at the end so it would be very nice to have new photos of me on that dress as a memory of this trip. And to take good photos I need to have make up and hairdo so at least those could be nice to have. And not to waste the good look it would be nice to go out and have dinner in nice dress. My husband agreed my ideas and proposed that maybe we should have some hotel weekend also to spend really good time. Can't disagree. Good ideas. I have dreamed to go to the same hotel suite where we spent wedding night since we left there after the wedding day. Maybe we could this time really go there if we don't get more exotic ideas.

At least the dreaming is now kicked off. It is almost as exiting as after we decided the wedding day about 10 years ago. Well actually not even close, but same way I can now start to think what kind of hairdo and make up I want this time. Dress I have already. And because I have been too lazy to sold it further, I can still use it at the end of this project before selling. And I should also start to dream what I wear after the wedding dress photos, where to go overnight and so on. Dream dream dream. Soon I will have lot of motivators to keep up the training program.

While waiting the successful end I need a new sport bra. Also my legs are in bad shape because I have had at most over 30 extra kilos on them so I want to the proper leg care. At least I don't want any sores or other leg problems come to my way during the project. Also some massage could be nice gift to my muscles at some point of this journey, and so on. Lot of ideas come and go when I think what would keep me motivated also during this trip. And because I should create a list of these ideas before forgetting so here it comes right away:

  • New bra, after 2kgs Weight loss
  • Leg care, after 4kgs
  • New outdoor wear for the spring, after 6kgs
  • Full body massage, after 8kgs
  • ...
  • Something nice for my birthday in July, after 12kgs
  • ...
  • Hairdo, make up,  new dress, photos in wedding dress, hotel night, good time with husband, and so on, after -24,5kgs

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