Sunday, 16 February 2014

Some Training and Blueberry Pie

I didn't know that I should reset the training program in Nike+ Kinect Training to continue with another four weeks program, so I had to do the fitness test again today as a beginning of the new program. That's why I didn't yet started new training sessions but tried 15 minutes weight training session after the test. I think I got over 30 minutes training all together.

The fitness test gave me the fitness score of 39 and athleticism score of 27 this time. I felt still tired after the Fridays test so I think that a bit worse result was very realistic to have this time. Weight training was nice variation to the usual. There were only couple of movements where weights were needed but as a nice surprise I was able to do three men's push-ups which I couldn't do at all when the project started. These small improvements are so motivating and keep the training spirit up.

I have been so hardworking this week by removing all the snow and taking care of the kids while husband has mainly rested during and after the stomach flu that I baked a blueberry pie and made vanilla sauce with it. Pie with the coffee was also reward to my husband as he won the bet we had. Yum yum! I have also eaten candy and snacks during the weekend as a prize of a hard work done lately. Now I'm full of energy to face the new challenges this project requires in the coming weeks.

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