Friday, 14 February 2014

Result of The Weigh-in

This morning the scale showed me the result 84.5kgs, which means -2.5kgs all together in four weeks, and -1kgs in the last two weeks. I have been able to lose the weight in planned schedule, and with only adding exercises, which makes me very happy. Btw, If someone is wondering the round numbers, they are caused by my scale which has 0.5kgs accuracy. This is also a reason why I don't like to check the weight very often, because only over 500 gram changes can be noticed.

And I have earned the first milestone gift now!!! So next week I'm going to local underwear store to select new sport bra. Even if I feel that this project just started and I don't need yet any extra motivator, I'm going to do it as planned. Then I'll have something to remind me of this good progress if lack of motivation overtakes me suddenly.

Now I will head to do snow removal and outdoor activities with the kids and afternoon, when husband returns from the school, I will do the fitness test. So I'll return with the result of fitness score later..!

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