Tuesday, 11 February 2014

That Man Is Jumping So Much Faster

Yesterday, I did my 14th training of 16 of this training program. Because I decided to do it ahead of time, my kids were at home watching me. If I exercise, they have started to get chairs to the door of the living room and they sit there the whole session with reading the books and cheering me on.

Or my five years old daughter said before comments like "That man there in TV (my personal trainer) jumps so much faster than you mom!" or something else as encouraging, but lately she has been more positive and cheers me doing the movements faster. It is nice that they want to watch and they don't try to rude the session by running there front of the TV all the time. But just in case, I haven't yet tried this without my husband also being home and playing with them if needed. So actually there were also Husband and Son watching me time to time. Quit a big audience!

The training itself was hard. I tasted blood, when running there in living room and trying to do my best in front of the whole family. Somehow, my body is so tired because of the lack of sleep and it has get worse and worse all the time making also the training sessions harder and harder to do. It's same kind of feeling when a flu is coming. I guess training sessions are a bit too hard for the tired body. Anyway, last night I slept well for a long time, and now I'm feeling soreness as usual after the training day, but body doesn't feel that stuffy anymore. And again I feel I cannot wait the final two trainings to beat the records of more and more drills.

And it's only three nights to the next weigh-in and fitness test. Soon I'm counting hours..

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