Monday, 17 February 2014

Five Handfuls a Day

I haven't yet started to worry about my diet to lose weight, but now on I will. As I wrote already earlier, I don't believe in any miracle diets or training that would help in couple of weeks. People who try to have miracle in few weeks usually end up eating as before after the diet and get back all the lost weight. Instead, I believe in projects that target to change the whole lifestyle little by little. And my project is one of those. As a first step I have now learned to do hard trainings again. I miss the training if I spend couple of days without and I have started to feel that exercising is now part of my everyday life. I think that now I have strength to take the second step and this step is called Five Handfuls a Day.

I will tell you history of this step first. I believe that when healthy foods and water full the stomach you don't as easily snip unhealthy snacks. I have also always been poor of eating fruits. For these reasons, as a new years promise of 2012, I decided to learn eating vegetables and fruits five handfuls a day. That I did also with small steps, starting with the one handful. Basically this meant that I tried to remember to eat a fruit which I had brought to office. Then little by little I brought more fruits to work, ate vegetables or salad during the lunch, and at some point of the year I realized, I had learned to eat healthy snacks, and it helped me to keep away from chocolate bars or other bad choices. This was actually easy part.

The rest of the handfuls, I needed to eat at home, were difficult. At home there is also the other old choices to make. It is hard to choose to eat bread at work if you have taken carrots or apples with you in the morning. But it is so much easier to eat for example bread or yogurt at home if you have eaten it throughout the life as a snack and it is offered next to you all the time. I really needed to focus on this home part but little by little fruits and vegetables however became part of my every day life in 2011 and New year 2012 I made a promise to keep up my healthy five handfuls a day habit. I still had difficulties to remember the healthy choices during the weekends and holidays and I wanted to concentrate on those problematic periods. Somehow during the holidays I easily got back to old habits, ate delicacies, and forgot totally the green things. That year, 2012, was better and healthier than ever.

In the beginning of 2013, I get pregnant. During the pregnancy, five handfuls a day worked well, but then my maternity leave started and I stayed home, and slowly I ended up eating as before. So obviously, this five handfuls a day project still needs active thinking and now when I have lack of sleep and time, due to our baby, I haven't got resources to think it and keep it up. But during the coming weeks this will change and I promise to open the vegetable and fruit locker of our fridge more often.

The next four weeks as a second step of the project, I will focus on learning the habit of Five Handfuls a Day again!

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