Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Small Changes in Plans

After the posting yesterday, my husband came home in the middle of the school day. He had fever and pain in the stomach. So obviously there is some flu in the family that has maybe kept me tired as well. Anyway, the rest of the day I needed to survive alone with the kids and the household and needed to say goodbye to the plan to make exercises beforehand. Luckily I haven't get the flu yet and because I have felt sick I tried the training today. Kids were this time watching again, or the baby was overtired and cried and youngest daughter hit the big sister and cried also in naughty chair. So not very idyllic family time this time.

It was hard to concentrate on the exercising but I tried my best. Hopefully I stay healthy and can do better workout tomorrow. It would be the last one before weigh-in and fitness test of Friday. And it would be awful to get sick just now, when I have got so good start to the project this far.

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