Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nike, Adidas, Asics..

I got my birthday present a little bit beforehand as my birthday is not coming until July. I wanted to have new pair of sneakers from my husband and we decided to buy the pair already now, because I want to run them in properly before the quarter marathon of July, which is only a week after the birthday. 

The evolution of my running shoes is Nike, Asics, and now Adidas. Firstly, I have tried Nikes, which had a perfect shoetree for me, and even if the pair is old and I guess they are not enough supportive for running anymore, the pair is not broken and is still in use in home training. Then I decided to try Asics. The pair has been a bit too narrow for me, and I guess it's done for the legs that doesn't carry overweight. I have felt that the pair is going to break soon, even if they haven't been in use as long as the Nikes was. And I've been afraid that it happens just before the next event so I needed to have new pair to use with the Asics. In the shop I tried Asics on and realised that the same seams press my legs that with the old ones, and I have think that the seams are just giving up, but I guess the seams have pressed my legs from the beginning because of the narrowness. My husband has also bad experience of Asics so now I decided to try Adidas, just to get experience also on it and because Adidas feels to have more wider shoetree. I'm looking forward to try them in real work..


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