Friday, 29 August 2014

99 High Knees and 13.5 Kilos Weight Loss

Fitness Test

Damn, I realised too late that I could have reached 100 steps in high knee running during the fitness test today. 99 steps in high knee running in 30 seconds is not a bad result and I'm so proud of it, even if affected to other drills of it, and I got worse result in endurance than four weeks ago. And it is my new record of the high knee running. The old record was 96, but still, 100 was so close.

This time and after 32 weeks I did already my ninth fitness test. It was easy to do with well rested muscles and in the end the result was surprisingly good, even if the exercising haven't been possible due the flu. My Fitness Score was 58 this time, which was 4 units better than previously but my Athleticism Score was 48, which was 5 units better. Again my athleticism score increased greatly. The more detailed results look like this now:

Endurance 72 (earlier 79, 68, 77, 68, 53, 52, 42, 01)
Flexibility 55 (earlier 55, 55, 55, 36, 55, 55, 55, 27)
Strength 65 (earlier 49, 60, 38, 51, 51, 34, 21, 09)
Speed/Reaction/Agility 78 (earlier 76, 50, 69, 59, 50, 45, 36, 58)
Balance 66 (earlier 75, 53, 63, 51, 54, 53, 24, 01)
Power 46 (earlier 12, 11, 05, 10, 9, 10, 37, 12)


This morning it was turn to weigh-in. This was 16. weigh-in after the initial one. Now my weight is going smoothly down and again the pace of 1 kilogramme in two weeks is found. After today's weigh-in my BMI is 25.4 and I have 1.5kgs left to my normal weight.


I have totally forgotten to reward myself after all the goals I have reached. I feel I haven't done that good because I haven't been able to keep my schedule even if I have burn 13.5 kilogrammes fat in about half year! But today I finally found new swimming suite (which looks like this) which I thought to buy as a birthday present to myself in July.



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