Sunday, 3 August 2014

Last End Long Run in Hot Weather

I would like to have new hydration belt. My old one is too small with the four bottles of decilitre each when there is over 25 degrees and I am running the long run over 2 hours and especially when I try those fast end long runs.

In this sense it's nice to have autumn coming soon to get rid of all the problems that hot weather causes. I would like to listen to music also while running but with small clothes I don't have enough space to keep my phone or mp3 player with me when running. Boring. Soon this problem is solved also. Sooner than I have time to shop some arm belt for my phone.

It was the second time when I tried fast end long run, yesterday and I ran 80 minutes with my snail style pace and then 30 minutes with a bit higher intensity. I had to share my hydration bottles carefully to make them last till the end and I had to rush my cool down to have more water at home. My heart rate belt didn't work well, and I couldn't follow my heart rate but otherwise the running felt OK.  I was a bit tired when I had to raise my pace but it nice to experience the power coming back when just continuing and not giving up. Nice that even if it is hot and exercise has already continued over 1 and a half hours, the higher pace is easy to keep up.

And actually my mind goes through the same things than during the last kilometres of running events when I usually give up keeping the planned pace and when I feel to have some energy in my body which I just cannot release into use. I have been thinking it is more mental tiredness than just fuel ending in my body. I think I need some kind of method to think me to final line there in the end. I just should split the distance I have left into very small parts, e.g. 200 metres and decide that if I can go one part more, then I let myself to give up. I don't know, should try something next time when I run my last end long run.



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