Friday, 15 August 2014

Weight Losing in the Amusement Parks

I'm back again. And even if the whole family was on the road for a week, I have been able to lose 1kg in two weeks. I think it is very well done in the middle of tempting foods! Now I'm proud of me!

We rent a camper and drove around for a week. Even if the holiday was great, I'm so glad we are at home and we have room to do things more than in the small camper with a small baby. Me or my husband was carrying all the time the baby who otherwise tried to eat everything from the floor or tried to stand up and fell down. Due to that we had to do everything alternately. And even if we are both rushing we usually need lot of time in mornings to go out with three kids, but with the alternation of the morning routines we were even slower. That was really nerves wracking before I could relax and accept that we can't help with the fact that we have a bit limited resources.

During the driving the son had more patience than the daughters have had when they were babies. Yesterday we drove 600 kilometres from southern Finland to home even if we first thought that we could spend still one night in the camper. I'm glad we did it because we are all in a terrible flu now. Yesterday we all were still healthy but in the evening first me and the son got symptoms of flu and today also both of the daughters have become sneezy too. And there is only three weeks till the half marathon..


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