Sunday, 4 May 2014

Everything Is Going On

Girls eating out

This week started by meeting my friends again. We had a dinner in downtown of Oulu. It wasn't hamburger with French fries but a soup and Caesar salad I ate this time.

Spring holiday

Girls had extra spring holiday this week. They didn't go to daycare at all so all the exercises I have done in the evening time and I haven't had time to update my blog at all.


After the activities of last weekend, I've been very tired the whole week. At the beginning of this week I didn't have time to sleep enough because we had to do our grocery shopping, clean up, do laundry and all the other things which were undone due to busy weekend.


When I already felt overtired, our son felt stuffy on Tuesday and had the first flu and fever and of course he started to sleep badly too. Luckily it seems that it is over now and we sleep well again but I got a flu myself so I haven't exercised after Wednesday at all. Now I still have a cough and I think I have to rest still couple of days before any harder exercises.

May Day and guests

On Thursday we celebrated First of May in Finland. Since the years of studying, except last year, we have spent First of May together with couple of my friends from university, so they came to us with their dogs again from southern Finland and stayed the rest of the week with us.

Other activites

Despite of my flu, we have spent lot of time outside, walked with the dogs and with bicycling kids. Our five years old daughter goes so fast with the bicycle already that I can't think to take her with me to running route, but daddy surely can. And we got a trampoline! Santa Claus brought it on Christmas and it has been waiting summer in the storage but this week it's assembled into our backyard. And I have tried couple of jumps already.

Swimming class

this evening the oldest daughter was in swimming class and meanwhile my husband went to swim with the youngest daughter. The little guy took a nap and this mum enjoyed the silence and blog writing.



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