Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Quick Start Training, Berries, and Some Cake

Today, it would have been time to end my training program by doing the fitness test but because my training program and fitness tests of this project are not in line anymore and I should do the fitness test and weigh-in again on Friday, I planned to postpone the training program ending till Friday and do a quick start training session of 30 minutes instead. I have tried the quick start sessions only once or twice before and I think previously it was only 5 or 15 minutes that I tried so it was a nice variation to usual sessions. 

I planned to do some moderate level dumbell training and I think the game picked me some drills quite randomly. I ended up doing three or four different variations of planks, men's pushups more than once, squat with and without dumbbells and different kind of deadlifts.  It was nice to try some drills that haven't been included in my program since I started in January and realise that it's peace of cake nowadays. For example, during one and a half lunges I got aha effect about the easiness of it. And it haven't been poorness of the game that all the repetitions haven't been counted earlier, but my poor technique I had due to missing muscles..

I've been also picking and freezing the strawberries of our garden lately. And today I went with the kids and my dad to pick up some blueberries to the forest nearhood. So it was time to freeze some blueberries also. And in the evening I tasted a peace of cheese cake today in a birthday party. Yum yum!



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