Wednesday, 26 March 2014

For My Own Joy

Why do I write in English? Hopefully some day I will read the first postings and be ashamed of bad English I wrote at first and I hope I can see a lot of development in my writing skills. I'm working in the IT sector. English is my working language but I don't need it very often during the long leaves. Earlier I have noticed that it is hard to return to office after maternity leaves when the language that you need daily is totally forgotten. Now when the idea of this blog came, I planned the postings to be short going straight to the point. Then I thought that the short postings I could do in English as well. So I'm sorry for all the clumsy postings. I'm not very good in sport vocabulary and of course it is hard to express how I feel in foreign language. But even if I wouldn't get any readers, I do it for my own joy and to keep up my language skills. At least after two months blogging I already notice that I have proceed. If I have seen something interesting in a blog or in an article I don't remember anymore did I read it in English or in Finnish. That's a progress I guess. I could recommend to everyone of you trying the same, writing in English. If you have ever think can you do it, I know you can!

Why do I write about exercising and losing weight? For my own joy! When I started, I didn't actually know that the web is so full of the blogs about losing weight. I didn't have read them much. Anyway, I have always been interested in watching all the TV programs about weight loss and it is interesting to see the huge changes that people can do in a short periods of time. Now it was nice to have the same kind of project of my own where I have realistic but hard goals. And during all my projects I have had some kind of training diary. So even if no one reads about my project this is my diary where I can return and think back hardness of the first training, difficulties to eat right things, and all other things I faced on my journey. And yes, I am reading nowadays a lot of my 'colleagues' blogs about their projects to get back to shape and they are very interesting to follow! Now in the evenings I prefer of reading blogs instead of watching TV. And hopefully my progress and milestones I reach on the way inspires someone who pops in here a visit to start own kind of project too. 



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