Friday, 21 March 2014

Overview of Ninth Week

There has been silence in my blog because of my busy week. I have repaired my daughter's birthday party. She turned three years this week and we are going to celebrate her tomorrow. Of course I have worked out as before but all the other free time I have baked and cleaned up the house. And in addition, today I had to empty the flea market table I had two weeks. All together, despite of the busy week, I have run twice and done two training sessions with Nike+ Kinect Training. And next running I'm going to do on Sunday.

Winter came back! It has been snowing 20 centimeters since last night. My husband removed the snow from our yard while I baked. But I can't wait to spend time outside before all the snow melts again. Hopefully it is time to run on the snow next.

I tried pram running yesterday. I run the same route as on Monday. It is the same simple route I do always at first if I haven't run for a while or I want to test how my typical slow trainings are going. I couldn't concentrate as well in slow running as without pram so I had a bit higher average heart rate. I think I have to do pram running couple of times before I get comfortable with it. But I have to learn it. We have three kids now and it is impossible to match the schedule of the family in a way that all the running trainings can be done in peace. Especially if also my husband becomes inspired of the running again. Then there is eight running trainings typically in one week in this family when some running event is approaching. That means that always when there is some free time either of us is on running route.

Have a Nice Weekend! 



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