Thursday, 13 March 2014

This and That


I have felt that I'm lazy and don't exercise enough. Maybe I'm a bit afraid that I end up spending time as before, without exercising and eating whatever. But today I calculated that it was already ninth training session for this four weeks program even if I have been sick twice. And in addition I have walked with pram a lot and spent lot of time with the kids outdoors. Maybe I shouldn't blame myself for laziness so much?

Training session

Today I did the last aerobic session for a while and it was a hard one. Usually I have collected around 250 Nike Fuel but this time I managed to get 440! Wow! When I did the first aerobic sessions there was about 10 drills to do after the warm up, but this time I had to do 16. And in the beginning the drills lasted 30 seconds and now most of the drills are 45-60 seconds long. One negative thing to say was interruptions. Our baby has been crying a bit lately and he didn't sleep very well so I had to go again outside couple of times to calm him down that he continues the nap. So I couldn't concentrate as well as I wanted but when I saw the result, it wasn't that bad.

New Training Program

Tomorrow it's time for the last muscle training of the program and then I'll restart the program and do the fitness test. Next four weeks period includes also the running exercises, so I'm going to change my target to Get Strong for the next program and I'm going to train my muscles only twice a week then.


Today my lunch bar looked like this..

..and status of the note paper is the following now..

..After all, my diet has gone well after I have used the note paper to remind me. Maybe I try now live without marking the tallmarks but if I again start to eat as before I'll take this trick again in use. My next step is now to keep up the correct eating.

I'm excited to see what the scale says tomorrow, and the fitness test. Good Night!



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