Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tears in Eyes

Yesterday, I tried another time the pram running and it was so much easier than the first time. I don't have to think anymore that I have the pram with me and I can concentrate better and better on running. I ran a bit faster than with the first pram running and my heart rate was easier to keep down. My husband ran against me when I was just taking the first steps of running after warming up. He already started the cool down and proposed that he can take the baby with him home that I can run in peace but I decided to continue with the pram that I really get used running with it. And afterwards I didn't regret because it was so much easier this time.

While running I also thought what really what keeps me running. What forces me to go jogging again and again. Running slowly is a bit boring, I admit, but I love to dream about my running events while I exercise. On the other hand dreaming of running doesn't help to keep the pace slow and I always end up running too fast and wake up of dreaming when have to concentrate to slow down again. But today I realised that the reason for this crazy hobby is the best feeling you can ever get, the feeling when you are crossing the finish line of the main running event of the season and you have almost tears in the eyes because you are so moved that you did your best and all of the tens of exercises you have done matters. That's the moment I could run for thousands of times and that's the reason why I keep running time after time.

What about you? What is your best running or training motivator?

BTW. Today it was so warm to walk from the daycare with the winter coat on that I hope I have reached 6kgs milestone tomorrow to have new outerwear for the spring.



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